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Rising above challenges

I would start this with a recent tweet I saw by Adewale Abati. Adewale Abati tweet on overcoming challenges

Okay , so this isn’t a regular start to this type of article but it is necessary 🙂.

Wednesday, 18th July 2018 was a good morning until a phone call came in. I was informed that the venue we planned to use for a meetup inside the school would not be available anymore.

Talk about facing unforeseen circumstances 😩.

In our school , it isn’t very easy to find venues so we had to go outside school to scout for one. Hours later , we found an alternative venue , paid and started the meetup 💪.
The event started with slight refreshment as attendees shared jokes and exchanged pleasantries. Shortly after that, the first speaker Egberinde Bosun came up to speak and ooooh, it was wonderful.

Bosun demystifying the concepts of version control 🙌
Bosun demystified the whole concept of version control firstly then he went on to explain the basic git commands and demonstrated the commands . Yes! Live coding session 😲😲 . There was too much fire 🔥 🔥 🔥 in the place at this time as attendees paid close attention whilst receiving and digesting the information been dispensed .
all talk and no code makes us dull devs 😎

Immediately after Bosun, the second speaker came up. Karounwi Anu , a software engineer at Konga and alumni of FUNAAB spoke about collaboration in software. Anu talked about how important it was for devs to collaborate and how github has made it very easy for proper collaboration in software . Anu also spoke about the importance of writing clean readable code so that it becomes easy for the next developer to maintain the codebase thus facilitating collaboration . Anu shared from his wealth of experience and the attendees were thrilled 🤓 .
Anu showing samples of clean code 😎
There was a networking session after Anu’s talk and then we took pictures .
GitHub makes our work easy !!!

It was in this moment that I realized the true meaning of community . It is not necessarily about the facilities, food e.t.c . What matters at the end is a group of passionate people coming together to share information and resources in order to help each other grow .

I received positive feedback from the attendees after the program . I was glad ! Despite all the odds , we overcame . Knowledge was shared , friendships and networks were built .

Special appreciation goes to Ingressive for this initiative on our campus . Cheers to many more meetups and to commmunity building 😊 .